Feature Request: more consistent Lambert test, and variability metric

Hi TR. Couple of things it would be great to see in future versions.

it would be nice to have a more consistent implementation of the LSCT warmup as part of all workouts. Being able to track HRR is a good indicator of fitness - especially during the off season. Completely appreciate that there may be many factors at play (sleep, caffeine intake etc), so ideally the LSCT warmup would be a consistent part of every workout in a block - particularly the base blocks.
Initially this would be nothing more than redrawing a few workouts, then let the spreadsheet nerds like myself figure out HRR over time.
Eventually however TR could be ‘smart’ enough to give you information about your HRR as part of your workout so that it can be tracked. HR drift/aerobic decoupling could also be monitored here.

For those of us without an ERG trainer, variability of power vs target is a good data point. It indicates a few things such as fatigue level and cadence control. It’s also a key focus point when doing drills like ILTs, spin ups and stand ups.
Could we get a metric as part of the workout that quantifies the level of variability? This could simply be standard deviation (or some derivative thereof) vs target power. This would be a good measure of control and consistency.

Thanks in advance


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