[Feature request] Log of adaptations on career page

It would be useful to have the adaptations offered to you listed on your personal career page. Something along the lines of:

Date : workout-x to workout-y : accepted or rejected

Possible use case: If you accidentally rejected a set of adaptations you could go to this and see what’s needed to be done.


That could be a large list if you mean a historical log of adaptions which would be a waste and be better to have a history of progression levels. (If there is a history of FTP Log In to TrainerRoad shouldn’t there be one for progression levels?) If you mean current pending changes from how workouts are to what AT thinks they should be, I could see how that could be nice to see though maybe a low priority.

You’d probably only need the current plan or phase to be covered so maybe 30-50 changes depending on how you performed.

You can get your progression level history by looking at your calendar, not straightforward to extract but it’s there. Having expected vs actual change in each PL over the course of a plan or Base/Build/Speciality would be more useful than the changes themselves.

Thanks for the recommendation, better visibility to your adaptations could be useful for sure! I’ll pass this along to the team for consideration.

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Along these same lines, it would be interesting to see a plan summary that shows across the plan (or plan block), what was the affect of AT. Something that would show that at the start of the plan, what your PLs would have been if you completed all of the workouts perfectly with no AT adaptations versus where you are with AT. Does this make sense?

The idea behind this would be to give directionally advice if the total load that someone is doing is something they can handle. That is, if the PLs they end up at at the end of a block (plus series of training blocks) is higher due to AT then it would have been without AT, that would imply they handled the training volume well. If on the other hand where you end up is lower than it would have been without AT, that would imply that the training load is too high for your ability / life stress. And you should think about possibly doing a lower load in the future.

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I think that is best handled by their ftp prediction function they discussed in their podcast where it would show you your predicted ftp if you complete the different training plans. If it thinks your improvement isn’t much higher with a higher volume plan maybe you should use a lower volume plan

I’m looking for something different: not which load will theoretically increase my FTP more, but did I handle the load I did well.

Let’s take your example, and say that TR predicts my FTP would go up more if I did the HV plan instead of the MV plan. I do the HV plan, but I cannot handle the load, and AT has to keep dropping the intensity / I keep failing workouts. What I’m asking for would provide a look back that says: we predicted you would be at XXXX, but given what you can handle, you are only at CCCC. So going forward, when I’m looking at how much load I can handle, I have an evidenced based guide.

Does this distinction make sense?