Feature Request (Ignore outdoor rides for AIFTP)

Having the ability to disable outdoor rides from AIFTP detection.

If your outdoor FTP is higher than indoor, it can make any new indoor workouts more difficult than they should be. It would also sort any tolerance issues for folks with an indoor PM and and outdoor PM.

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You can disable a ride from being included in your power records but you’d have to do it on a ride by ride basis.

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Never knew that… does it disable it from AIFTP detection (presumably it does?)

I think it does. I have used it in the past to remove stupid interference peaks that would affect AIFTP. In the pc app it the 3 dots and then edit ride. Its the pencil icon in the Android app. It take you to this screen and you untick the Personal Records box.

Separately TR is less biased by outdoors ride since they insisted you do 10 indoor ride first. I think that puts a ‘spade in the sand’ and future outdoors power records will tweak around it.

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Thanks @HLaB

I do all of my indoor workouts 100% seated…outdoor is a mix (obviously).

Suppose I could stop sending outdoor rides to TR… that would solve it! :bulb::grinning:

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