Feature Request - "FTP Tweaker" based on workout feedback

On the Swim Smooth Guru site they have CSS Tweaker functionality (CSS is the swimming equivalent of FTP) - this prompts you to select how you felt after each CSS session (“Off-day”, “Bold”, “Heroic” etc.)… this then tweaks your CSS continually throughout the course of a plan. So instead of only testing every 6 weeks as before, the workout intensity is constantly adjusting to any improvements in fitness.

It struck me that this would lend itself really well to TR… after every relevant workout the TR software would prompt you to see how you coped with the workout - based on this, the software would make minor tweaks to your FTP. The ramp test didn’t give you a true FTP estimation? Not a problem; over the course of a few weeks it’ll be adjusted to a level that’s optimal to you.

I know there’s already the option to manually adjust FTP, but I don’t think that’s something that many people are using (looking at many of the posts on this forum). With the TR software actively prompting for your feedback after specific workouts I think everyone would end up with their FTP at a better level.

There’s been talk on here regarding adjusting FTP based on machine learning algorithms, but I personally think you can’t beat user feedback.

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My bet is that TR is already planning to blend AI and user feedback to form a more complete picture of the current state, and adjust for future workouts. They have hinted, but not disclosed much of their direction. I would be surprised if they don’t already have user info planned for integration somehow.


Yeah, they had the questionnaire…would you still test ftp if you didn’t have to. This was exactly what I’m hoping they were eluding to!


I’ve seen them hint at their future direction with regards to AI, but I’d got the impression that user feedback wouldn’t feature in the process (may have missed this).

If you had a decent coach in real life, one of the first questions they’d ask after a workout would be “how did you find the workout?”… based on your answer they’d adjust your future sessions where required. TR sell them themselves as a “virtual coach”, but never have any kind of feedback loop with the rider.

The threshold workout (Donner) I did this morning would be the kind of workout I think you should be prompted for feedback on; if your RPE was really high/low then you should be offered an immediate change to your FTP, rather than waiting another 5 weeks for your next ramp test.