Feature Request: Extend recovery period between intervals

+1 for this request. Ability to extend either the “work interval” or the “rest” interval. Basically the extended buttons should remain active throughout the workout.

Thanks, all! Merged existing threads on this topic and will pass along to the team. :v:


Problem here is that you don’t record that paused part of the workout. If nothing else for tracking and progression purposes.


Sure, like any “hack” I mention, it is not perfect.

Notably though, TR is actually tracking pauses and such, to accurately review and track the Progression Levels, and assign the workout completion surveys as appropriate according to how they see the workout.

That is not necessarily visible to the rider for easy review, so in addition to the hack above, I feel that adding info in the ride notes section is worthwhile for future references.

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Another “hack” is to backpedal… that is significantly better than just more forward spinning…
although in some cases I can see that an extra 30s easy spin might mean a better interval afterwards

The real “hack” along with @mcneese.chad would be to record the workout on another device, and then upload that workout record instead of the TR recorded version. But I’m not sure what other havoc this would play with AT.

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The timing of the pause will determine its impact on the pass/fail aspect of your workout.

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Backpedal doesn’t stop the workout if you are using pedal to start/stop. At least doesn’t for me

I know…
I just mentioned it as a option since it sounded like you dindt want to pause the wo.

Ivy - what question was more: I dual record a workout, pause the workout in TR, but keep working out and the entire workout is recorded in a Garmin / Wahoo. What would happen if I then uploaded the Garmin / Wahoo file for the workout as a replacement for the version that TR recorded?

Okay so AT doesn’t yet account for files/workouts that are upload and associated with an assigned TR workout after the completion of the ride. We are working on this though, so in the future you could potentially replace that workout done on the TR app with a file that’s uploaded, and expect a potential adaptation to result.

For now though, you have to push the scheduled workout as ‘Outside Workout’ to your Garmin or Wahoo prior to the workout to account for adaptations, and I think doing so this way would still result in recording those pauses/lapses.

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That sounds like a great idea! Another good feature would be the option to extend a recovery interval for those days when you aren’t feeling your best.

I know you like the original comment about adding an interval, and moved that source post under an existing on on the same topic.

The 2nd suggestion you mention has also been covered, and I moved your comment under that one.