Feature Request - Duathlon as Race Option on Calendar

Hi there, just testing out the new Plan Builder (which looks great by the way!) and see there’s no way to include a duathlon event whereas there’s loads of different cycling and triathlon events.

Could this be added?


I would love this too…or at least ability to remove swims from tri plans when setting up the plans.

I think a lot of triatheletes use their own swim and run plans anyway so the ability to pick and choose which elements of the tri plans are wanted would be really useful .


Also - if you could choose how the duathlon is aligned e.g. run-bike-run, bike-run-bike, bike-run, run-bike etc that would be really handy!

That’s a good point, I will bring that up with our Product Managers. The issue at the moment is that we don’t have an elegant duathlon training program, so that is one hurdle we will have to clear before supporting Duathlon as a race type.

We have talked about giving the ability to remove runs and swims from the tri plans and it is a feature that we do plan to add in the future. It has not been scheduled yet, but it has a few useful applications for those that have their own run/swim programs and of course duathletes.


Thanks, Bryce, hadn’t thought of it from that perspective. To play devil’s advocate, you can select a gravel or off-road triathlon from the list on Plan Builder but you don’t have specialist training programmes for them…!

Just think it would be good to have the option then the Programme Managers can eventually back-fill the training plan when there’s the opportunity in their schedules?

That’s a good point, but those variations of disciplines are still based upon existing plans, which allows us to make them work in the existing system. Duathlon requires actual editing of the plan, which we are not yet capable of. That being said, I’ve passed your suggestion onto our team of Product Managers :+1:.


Good man, thank you!

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Please include Duathlon (Run-Bike-Run) as a valid race sport. I would like the plan to rebalance for an upcoming duathlon series.


And also reinstate running as a valid race sport, please! Doesn’t have to be included in the Plan Builder’s algo, just let me mark running activities as races again.


As a follow-up feature, we would like to add the ability to add the rides, runs and swims a la carte to your account. What I mean by that, is that you could pick and choose what portions of the tri plan to add to your Calendar, which could be effectively applied to duathlon by leaning out the swims.

If you’d like to express support for this feature, go comment over on the official feature request thread:

As for the ability to mark runs and swims as an “Event”…


Thanks @Bryce.


Thanks @Bryce

Hi, I’ve been using TrainerRoad for ~4 months now and have had great results :slight_smile: I know that you can use the either the triathlon plans or the time-trial plans (as I’ve been doing) to train for duathlons, so there don’t need to be specific training plans: but I’d like to request the ability to add duathlons to the calendar. It’s a bit frustrating not having any option to enter them (if you try to add them as a triathlon, it forces you to add a swim; no option to add two runs).


@alicejanelake I added your request to an existing one with the same request.


Bumping to the team, thanks!


While we get old waiting, I suggest you (we) use the “swim” to enter the estimated TSS of the first run.

Multisport activities won’t upload to the calendar properly anyway (they’re all allocated to the bike portion), so it doesn’t make a big difference either way.