Feature Request: Display Average Power Line in Zoomed-In Graph

When i’m analysing a lap or a segment i’d like to see average power displayed graphically. Currently, it always (and only) shows FTP. But that’s quite useless for short segments or intervals.
Example above: I did a ~9min segment outside. Towards the end i had problems holding the power. But it’s quite hard to analyse because the only graphical reference line is the FTP at 250W.
What i suggest: Whenever you zoom in on the graph, give the user the option to display average power. Allow users to toggle it on / off , the same as all other info on the graph (power, cadence, elevation, HR).

Here’s a mock-up (i just made the avg power line green to make it very visible for the sake of it):

This makes it much easier to see where i was above or below my average power.

Personally i’d also like to be able to toggle the FTP line off. Often it’s quite useless and just distracts.

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