Feature Request: Automatic End of Week Report

With the introduction of PLs, the new explanation for what caused PL changes, and FTP predictor, it would be great if all of this could get consolidated into an automated end of week report which would show (in addition to what is shown now):

  • Summary of the changes to PL with an indication for the change - e.g., Threshold 4.5 β†’ 6.0 Primary Progression Increase [Ride name and date]
  • What your FTP is, and if it changed and why. Something like FTP 250 β†’ 255 Increase from accepting Predicted FTP / Ramp Test. While this is in the FTP History, and somewhat shown on the TSS chart, consolidating it in the end of week will make training review much easier

I’d like this on the Career page, and maybe also have the week summary with the time, TSS and other stats we only see on the Calendar right now. Could be the running total in the week, a summary or both?



My thought for having it on the weekly summary is so that it can be reviewed over time. If it’s only on the career page, then how do I look back at last week, last month, last quarter, last year?


Thank you! Passing this one along to the team. Cheers.

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