Feature Request: Allow a connection of TrainerRoad to HealhFit App or allow fit file data export to Apple Health

I’m in the same boat - TrainingPeaks has data going back to ~2011. But it is amazing to me how little additional functionality TrainingPeaks has added over the years. For example, it doesn’t integrate to Garmin health / wellness, the charts haven’t really progressed - look at what intervals.icu has done. Why doesn’t TrainingPeaks have this functionality?

Plus, at least for me, the TrainingPeaks integration to Apple Health just doesn’t really work / produces duplicates.

Thats the core of the problem for me as well. Whether people like it or not, Apple Health is a sink that does coordinate a lot of data in an easy to use fashion. TP is yet another program I need to buy. And its not cheap either.

I know many people who haven’t given TR a thought because it doesn’t work with Apple Health. TR doesn’t focus on those people because it is clear about its mission statement; it wants to make cyclists faster. I do think though, that barriers like these can represent a missed opportunity to get beginners into the pipe of taking cycling more seriously as well.

In any event, TR working perfectly with Apple Health would really render a lot of other software and hacks redundant on my end. I think other users would feel the same.

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But for me at least, right now I actually don’t care that TR doesn’t integrate to Apple Health because:

  • It doesn’t have a weight history capability - so no reason to sync my daily weight
  • It doesn’t have the capability to track recovery related metrics: e.g., sleep, HRV, etc.
  • It doesn’t track non-cycling activities - my waaaaaaaay too many dog walks - so it doesn’t give an overall activity picture
  • Etc.

Before TR should even start to think about integrating to Apple Health it needs to build the back-end infrastructure where integrating makes sense

Personally I don’t want the link to go that way. It would be great if TrainerRoad pushed the workout details into Apple Health.

Like you say I don’t need TrainerRoad to track my HRV and sleep; unless they can use that info to tailor a plan for me :wink:

Yeah I don’t want TR to focus on having all these metrics. Thats a different goal than what this company is focused on. Credit to Nate and others, they are very clear about what is and is not their mission so I don’t worry about them doing feature creep.

I just want my workouts to go to Apple Health. It really would make my life so much easier with a lot of other programs I use regarding calorie expenditure.

Yo! I’m the ‘new Bryce’, haha. This isn’t a priority on the roadmap for the time being, but is on the development team’s radar. There are some workarounds as other athletes have described for the time being! :+1:

Hi everyone,

QUick question… I just got a new apple watch. DId a TR workout, synced the workout to Strava as usual but it does not show up in HEALTH even if I made sure to turn the option to ON in Strava. Am I missing something?

The only reason I want to sync is so the app TRAINING TODAY is able to account for that workout load when giving a score.

Hi Sammy.

Have you opened up strava to look at the workout you completed?

You need to open the strava app and look at your uploaded workout for it to sync with health. Its weird but thats how it works. Sometimes theres also a lag for…no reason.

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Working now! Thanks

Just want to express my interest in this feature as well. Intervals.icu (free and far better version of TP) is now adding support for HealthFit (currently in Beta). As a result, it’s possible for me to fully move away from Strava, which I’d love to do for a broad number of reasons. TrainerRoad is the only app I use that doesn’t offer a connection to Apple Health.

The goal for me would be to be able to use Apple Health as my database, and sync all of that to Intervals.icu via HealthFit so that I can retain one single source of all my health/exercise data.


Thanks for the detailed note! I’ll bump this to the team again to see if we cant get it moved onto the roadmap. Totally hear you and agree. :relaxed:


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Can you at least connect Trainerroad with Apple app Healthfit because then we can connect it to Apple Health.

Without open standard export function, I will be locked in to use this app indefinitely which is suboptimal.

We’d definitely like to and wish it were easier, but the action items to make that happen are pretty tricky from a development standpoint to be honest. The team is working to prioritize our fixes and update releases before features like this are considered for the roadmap, but it’s on their radar for sure! :v: