Feature Request: Add 'CyclingIndoor' tag into rides synced to TrainingPeaks


WKO5 build 550 now has a separate sports type for indoor cycling. However, it does not currently detect TrainerRoad rides synced via TrainingPeaks automatically as indoor rides.

I’m not sure if this can only be implemented in TrainingPeaks side? I guess it depends on how the sync API between TrainerRoad and TrainingPeaks is implemented, as the rides seem to be synced in TCX format, which does not support tags (as FIT does), afaik? But the solution to this would be to get ‘CyclingIndoor’ tag automatically added to activities synced to TP from TR (currently, only ‘Cycling’ tag gets added).

So could this additional tag be implemented in TrainerRoad side? If not, could you help in making this happen in TP side? :slight_smile:



+1 to this. This is a pretty important need to have these tags applied going forward for indoor rides.


+1 Noticed that too. This WKO5 release also supports a separate indoor FTP.

Hadn’t noticed before, but it seems you can export TrainerRoad ride from the web app as FIT file. So if FIT file generation is already implemented in TrainerRoad, sending that instead of the TCX file into TrainingPeaks would also fix this issue. They seem to be importing as Indoor Rides to WKO5.

This seems to be now implemented and TrainingPeaks gets the FIT file! Thank you very much!