Feature Request - ability to schedule recovery weeks more frequently (2 on, 1 off)

Is there an item in the feature backlog enabling a user to indicate more frequent recovery weeks? A 2 on - 1 off template is common among older athletes and those who don’t recover as quickly (like myself).

If not, is there guidance I could leverage to determine how to break up the current training plans into this cadence?

Thanks for the consideration.

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No automatic way of doing it as far as I know but there have been previous threads on how to adjust the plans to include more recovery weeks.

This might be a good place to start, both in terms of how it can work, and how to actually do it on the calendar:


As linked above, that covers the Sweet Spot Base pattern changing:

  • From 5:1 + 5:1 = 12 Weeks Total
  • To 4:1 + 3:1 + 3:1 = 13 Weeks Total

I am currently testing my own change in Build and have been meaning to document it, so here is the first draft:

  • From 3:1 + 3:1 = 8 Weeks Total
  • To 2:1 + 2:1 + 2:1 = 9 Weeks Total

Instructions for Alternate Build or Specialty, Work : Recovery Week Layout:

  1. Apply the desired Build or Specialty plan to your calendar.
  2. Push Week 3 down one week.
  3. Push Week 3 down one week again (this makes two open weeks, after Week 2).
  4. Copy Week 4 (Recovery) up into the first open week (right after Week 2).
  5. Move Week 5 up to the final open week (right after the new Week 4 copy).
  6. Move the Week 5 annotation up to match the week move (this does not happen automatically).
  7. Pull Week 6 up one week.

The final order is:

  • Week 1 (Work)
  • Week 2 (Work)
  • Week 4 (Copied Recovery)
  • Week 5 (Work, see note below about order)
  • Week 3 (Work, see note below about order)
  • Week 4 (Recovery)
  • Week 6 (Work / Taper)
  • Week 7 (Work / Taper)
  • Week 8 (Recovery / Taper)


  • I swap Weeks 3 & 5 to get proper TSS ramp up (needs to build from week to week). As a bonus, Week 5 includes a Ramp Test by default.
  • You can swap in a Ramp Test into Week 6 if you want, manually adjust FTP, or leave FTP alone for the final 2:1 segment.

Good stuff. I’m learning that Build beats me up and I may need to move to something like that. Currently I just started making z2 days easier (Pettit-1) and recovery weeks easier (SSB1 recovery week). I will look to make those 2 hour Sunday rides a bit easier as well because I’m carrying too much fatigue into the next week.

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Thanks for the template. My original reply asked a question you clearly answered at the bottom of your comment. :slight_smile:

Appreciate the guidance!

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