Favero Assioma Users

It is a concern, but the degradation of LiPo is based on charge cycles. Th3 more frequently you charge, like a phone, to 100%, the faster it degrades.

The Assioma charges are infrequent, so it should last, though the overall capacity is low, and the cell count is low.

Cars run on the same tech, and it’s better to charge up to 80% to maximize life. A phone always goes to 100% unless you do it manually. The biggest difference, bigger battery and using less charge means more expensive, bigger phone, and more weight, which people don’t like,

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Does anybody know the life of the pedal batteries? About 10 months ago the right pedal died and does not accept charge at all. Now the left pedal can only do 2 days with out charging. Is there a quick way to charge the pedals? It would only be a back up plan if the correct system doesn’t work or I forget to attaché the charger cable (after several hours on the bike the mind is not that clear)

Have you tried resetting them? I found that I have had an issues with one of the pedals not holding a charge and a reset every now and then seems to work.

Restart of the internal firmware of Assioma:

1 - Disconnect the magnetic connector from the USB cable supplied.
2 - Place and keep in that position the magnetic connector on the plastic case of the sensor, on the text “FAVERO Electronics”.

3 - Wait at least 15 seconds, always keeping the magnetic connector in that position; in the meanwhile, you should see that the LEDs will switch on one by one and also all together.

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This might be a stupid question but got myself a pair a couple of weeks ago (Uno). If I’m using a couple of spacers on the left side am I meant to add the same amount of spacers on the drive side?

Unless you have a leg length discrepancy, yes. I do, my right leg is naturally smaller, so I have to add slightly more stack to get it to balance up :+1:

Oh interesting I will try that for sure

I am sad that I didn’t see this earlier @iamholland probably means I have reduced the usable life of my pedals with out knowing thinking that keeping them fully charged was the right thing to do :confused:

I doubt it’s anything as dramatic as it is on a phone. Even my iPhone 10s max that I’ve had for exactly 2 years has a battery capacity of 88% meaning it’s lost 6% a year and that’s being charged multiple times per day

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I wouldn’t sweat it. Something else will break (or we’ll have moved onto the latest new power meter in the 2040s) long before the batteries give up.

Li-Ion batteries are happiest when kept between 30-80%. Most people don’t care but if you are interested in extending the life of the device don’t fully charge them or let them run flat. My iPhone Xs max which is also a little over 2 years old is still at 100% battery capacity.


I really wish more devices would have a way to limit operation to these levels. I’d love to be able to configure the charging to just stop at 80%. For things with non-replaceable batteries like this it can be quite helpful.

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Apparently the Tesla does that.

Some laptops allow you to configure this as well. Having a laptop constantly plugged in and at 100% battery is a great way to wear it out…

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I’ve had mine for a year and a half. I have scraped them even low speed crashed, and they are still going strong. I love being able to switch them in a few minutes between bikes. I ride 9.5-13 hrs per week and charge them once a month, whether or not the “low battery” warning comes up on my bolt. They have worked flawlessly.

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Have newish Assioma Duo pedals
Over the last couple of weeks I’ve seen 2 unexplained HR jumps mid rides for the same power output. Today on the turbo I took some readings
It was just an easy 45 minute at 200w. Changed cadence every five minutes.
I took some interval data from Training Peaks. All data taken from 53/25 gear. Cadence/Power kept as constant as possible - no big surges or drops.

  1. Near start of session 3 minute interval. 53/25
    Average power 204 watts, average cadence 96.

  2. Later in the session a 5 minute interval. 53/25
    Average power 201 watts, average cadence 86

  3. End of the session from a 3 minute interval. 53/25 gear
    Average power 250 watts, average cadence 94

I left the turbo and came back about an hour later to see what data I would produce from another 2 minutes in the 53/25
This time I averaged 204 watts with average cadence of 90 but the perceived exertion was way more than 204 watts (didn’t have HR monitor on)

Something not right here. I’ve contacted Favero so will see what they come back with.

Just been looking at data from the past few weeks. I have a few intervals at 200watts in the 53/21 and the power data is very consistent for the given cadence. This data includes today’s session. Don’t know what to think now. I have a ramp test to do tomorrow. I’ll be keeping it exactly the same as the last one I did 4 weeks ago (warm up also) so I’ll be able to compare the 2 files afterwards and see how they compare.

Have you looked at left/right power data for these rides? This can be very helpful as since the Duos are really 2 independent power meters, if one is acting up that will show as a divergence between the two sides. If both pedals read the same/similar over time, then that means they are ‘failing’ in the same way at the same time, or the problem is with something else.
I think you’ll need to record with something other than TR to get L/R data.
Also, if you use the Assioma app to zero the pedals, that collects telemetry data for Favero. Doing this will give them more data regarding you pedals, and can help them identify various issues.

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Excellent. I didn’t realise that regarding the zeroing the pedals. Thanks for that tip.
I will check L/R data now. I don’t use TR, just the forum :slight_smile:
Assuming that’s normal it’s unlikely anything is wrong with the pedals. They’re unlikely to both fail at the same time.

Edit. That L/R data looks good

Excuse my ignorance but could someone please explain how they can remote in and see the pedal telemetry? Is the Assioma app transmitting data in the background via mobile data or when connected to WiFi?
If you don’t have your phone near the bike and zero offset via your head unit then they can’t remote in???

The app just creates a log file that uploads to favero when you log a support request.

The beauty of having DUO pedals is that you have two separate power meters - It’s I unlikely you have an issue with the power accuracy if the left right power is ok.

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Good to hear. Thanks!