Favero Assioma Users

Unfortunately there is a whole other thread talking about similar issues.
Search for something on the lines of “Assioma becoming erratic“

Specifically for me, I had very similar issue with the UNO, Favero changed the spindle free of charge.

Following this after some months I upgraded to the DUO. One day I changed the pedals to another bike and the right one started systematically underreporting the power which was very frustrating. I ended my rides with a 60% 40% left right power split when usually I am 48% left 52% right. I contacted once again Favero and this time they asked me to ship them the pedals. They have promised to repair them in 10 business days and I am still waiting.

Basically I would contact their support they can make some internal checks on the status of your pedals through the app.

Hope this helps.

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Can anyone tell me if the Assiomas transmit left and right power over both ANT+ and bluetooth?

My P1s only transmit both over ANT+, so if I want to use there with trainerroad, I have to use an ANT+ adapter. I would love to get rid of that and just use bluetooth (I’ve been having some ANT+ issues and bluetooth seems more reliable), but I want to still get total power (if I’m going to buy dual sided, I want dual sided data).


It looks like there was a Assioma firmware update that allowed both left and right signals to be transmitted over bluetooth (DC Rainmaker goes into more detail on their site), but you could always reach out to TrainerRoad support to confirm. They may have some work-arounds to help get you connected via just Bluetooth!


The comments about temperature are interesting given below from the Favero web site.

Assioma provides accurate watt measurements with a great consistency and stability in the actual on-road use conditions and at any temperature between -10°C and 60°C. Thanks to the ATC (Automatic Temperature Compensation) too.

Ref: https://cycling.favero.com/shop/dual-sided-powermeter-assioma-duo

Maybe you only get one ride at -10°C? :cold_face:

Yes. Dual over BLE.

Thanks Lama!

You do need to select single channel bluetooth in the settings. Depending on how old your pedals are seems to determine what the default is.

Mine came set to transmit left and right power over separate channels as default but they are around 2 years old now.

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Thanks, but I’m not quite sure what this does. The option is listed in the quickstart guide, but is it for getting both L/R power over bluetooth, or is it just for app compatibility? The text in the guide makes me think it’s just for app compatibility. Seems like mine (just got them) come pre-set at Unified Channel L.

Never mind, I think I just answered my question by looking at the settings in the app: Unified Channel L: most apps require this mode. The data of both pedals is sent by the left pedal.


It seems CT now is out of favero’s dealer list, isn’t it? Who does know the background?


They have been flipping between the “not available and out of stock” and in stock every once in a while for a couple months now.

I got mine a few weeks ago. Ordered from Amazon, came in a clever training box.

Signed up for a “Reserve” to order off the Favero website last month. Just got the email today to place my order and it should arrive within a week to the US. No tax or shipping so the total for the DUO was $675 USD which appears to be a good price.

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thats a really good price, im on the waiting list as well