Favero Assioma Users

My Assioma Uno will only charge to around 50%. Anyone else have this happen?

It’s only 1.5 years old.

Shane, got it. Thanks for clarifying.

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That’s actually what Favero communicated to testers during beta testing, that it auto-zeros when it goes into standby mode, assuming conditions are right. Whether this is the actual case now?..no clue of course because they haven’t published it.


Interesting, found this image on the Favero web page:



That does look suspiciously like a Shimano SPD-SL axle…



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Not sure what the cause of this issue is but my power is now reading at double watts. Using assioma uno for ages. Recently upgraded firmware and went beta on android. But mac desktop is reading the same as phone. Wahoo bolt reads as expected (see picture). Checked assioma app and double power is ticked (as it always was).

Help needed!

I only just re-read that graphic you posted and I’m guessing what Favero are doing is quite clever really - they sell the spindles only so that you can use your SPD-SL pedal bodies without them actually infringing upon any of Shimano’s patents.


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You need to untick double power an the favero app when using TR as it already doubles the power reported by an uno pedal over Bluetooth :+1:

That setting only affects Bluetooth connections - not ant+


But this seems to only be an issue this last week. I havnt unticked the double power for the uno before and it read fine. Recent update on favero and TR don’t seem to work for the uno’s…

Quick PSA for you guys, just realized when I ordered replacement XPEDO RC7 cleats that they say to replace them when the front portion is worn down to half (3.5mm or less). Well I got new cleats for new shoes and realized mine were WAYYYY past that recommendation. If yours look like this replace them ASAP. Only mentioning this because the SPD SL are easier when the yellow front wears off they’re done but I don’t think most people who just get these with their Assiomas really know when they’re done. This could have broken at the worst time


Also shoutout to that filename: “shimano-compatibility-2021.jpg”

My body is ready.


Hmm… would be interesting to know when this will be released. I need a PM at latest end of April.

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I get your post.

Ive been cycling for 30 years.

Buy some cleat covers!!

I think you need the Duo if you want the other 50%.

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I just changed mine. Worse than yours !

That would certainly help new adopters. At this point I don’t know I’d go through the trouble of switching back, I’m quite used to the Look Xpedeo cleats by now.

Do you guys know if there is any issue with leaving the shoes on the pedals after a workout?
During the week I train indoors really early and I seem to wake my wife most of the days with the sounds of attaching the shoes into the cleats so would like to leave them on the pedals.

I asked about this due to being a triathlete where this often occurs before/after the ride for those that do flying mounts with the shoes ready on the bike after the swim and left on the bike after the ride to run into transition, but I didn’t get a solid answer (I think mainly due to English being their first language)–from my post above:

Does anyone know if they have stopped selling the upgrade kit for dual sided? Clever training is no longer carrying it seems.

Do you know if they still go to sleep even with shoes left on?