Favero assioma no power

I got some Assioma Duo pedals a couple of months ago and just installed them. I did all the steps, pedaled around for an hour, but still no power or cadence readings. The Garmin sees it, and it’s connected, just no readings. I’m registered, and flashed the firmware before I installed. The only oddity is that I had some trouble updating the firmware where it got stuck and the app crashed. It went to recovery mode, and continued on.

Is there a way to force flash the pedals, and/or reset everything? I searched and couldn’t find anything.

Any other suggestions? I contacted support, but no answer in 2 days.

It sounds like issues I’ve seen with other devices where they are seen but no readings, specifically speed and cadence sensor on Bluetooth. Turns out it was connecting to my phone, even though it had never been paired to any app on my phone, or at least when I turned off BT on my phone, it between to connect and give readings properly with TR on my tablet.


I’m using ANT+ on my Garmin. I’ll give it a try and turn off BT on my phone and tablet. Thanks I will go ride around again.

Shouldn’t be an issue with ANT but you never know and worth trying by isolating it to a single device

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Thanks again. Still no readings after pedaling around for 5 minutes.

Anyone know the procedure to factory reset the pedals?

Is it still in boot loader mode? You should be able to tell when you pull it up on the app.

Otherwise, I would try charging them, and if that doesn’t work open a ticket on favero’s site. They’re usually pretty quick, and they can tell if you have some problem like a mismatch on the firmware between the pedals or something.

Not in boot loader mode. It flashed to 4.25, eventually. At first the left pedal didn’t flash, got stuck. The right pedal flashed, and then the app terminated. When I restarted it went to bootloader mode and updated both pedals from the prior version to 4.25.

I have a ticket open for 2 days, with no response. I’m just seeing if others know what to do. I want to try a factory reset, but I can’t find the procedure to do that.

It’s almost as if it thinks it’s not registered, but it’s registered via the app. When I paired it to the Wahoo Fitness app, it says power, cadence are both N/A. Garmin reads 0 for both (not even --). I can pair the Garmin in bluetooth and ANT+ mode, and all the info is pulled up.

I guess I’ll just wait for their response, hoping to get it resolved by tomorrow at the latest, but really not hopeful at this point.

Every now and then I have to go into the Assioma app and connect to the pedals with the app. It starts reading after that.

That’s frustrating. Hopefully they’ll reply soon. And you probably already did, but keep an eye on the spam folder.

Have you tried putting them in travel mode then waking them up? Seems like that is as close to turning them off then back on as you can do. Worth a try IMHO.

FWIW, my pedals also failed the initial firmware update and did the boot loader mode after that but recovered and worked fine after the firmware updated.

Yes, I’ve fiddled everything in the app, and zero reset at least 20 times, and rode around for about 2 hours. People on DCR mention a “factory reset”. Anyhow, support finally responded this morning, and just asked for pictures and said everything looked OK when I filed the ticket, but I think the turnaround (due to timezone and slow response in general) is pretty slow. I had asked them explicitly about a factory reset, but wasn’t given any information. So, 2 days to respond, and the response was not helpful, and will expect at least another day, but with the weekend, that means I won’t get a response till Sunday night (US time).

I think this will be the last time I purchase a power meter from a company that has no US presence, as I would expect at least 2-3 emails per day to resolve issues. My prior contacts with Saris, SRAM, and Power2Max have all been pretty quick to turn around.

I don’t blame you for being frustrated. The thought crossed my mind about getting USA support from Europe but took the chance and luckily haven’t had any issues to this point.

Any chance of getting the original seller to help if you explain your situation to them?

I haven’t asked. I bought it from Clever Training months ago, and just let it sit, which is my bad. Given the time frame I bought it, I’d expect them to just send me to Favero, so I didn’t ask. It’s outside a return window, and tech support isn’t what they normally do.

I’d run it by Clever and explain the situation. The worst they can say is contact Favero.

Hi! Did you manage to solve it finally?
After one year and a half of no issues with my Favero Assioma Uno, today I had to deal with the same problem as you: the pedal is seen by wahoo / garmin / my laptop, but cadence and power readings are always zero. I tried to charge the unit and set it on / out of travel mode, but still failing. :-/ If you found a solution and can share it here, I’d be really thankful!

I got replacement spindles from Favero, as well as a lecture on how to install them. I can’t complain about that, though.

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