Favero Assioma DUO + CABLE Ant+ to BLE Converter + Polar V650

Hey folks,
happy to be here …quite an uncommon use case but I was hoping that maybe some of you have the same. Maybe also a good question for @GPLama as you tested the CABLE converter as well as the faveros :blush:

Ok, here we go:

I was hoping to transmit the IAV Cycling Dynamics data from the Favero DUO to the Polar V650. Knowing that those data are being broadcast via Ant+ (and that the Polar V650 only supports bluetooth) I purchased the CABLE Ant+/Bluetooth Converter. The CABLE converter was able to recognize the Faveros Ant+ data and transform these into bluetooth. So far so good. I was also able to pair the CABLE converter with my Polar V650. But it does not show the IAV Cycling Dynamics data.

Any idea what I might do wrong…?

I suspect it won’t work as ANT+ Cycling Dynamics has no equivalent Bluetooth Smart profile to use… so the CABLE has nothing to map it to from ANT+ to BLE. Ultimately one for NPE support to confirm/clarify.

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Thank you @GPLama …just sent out a request to NPE. Will let you know what the outcome is.
However, I suspect you are right saying that there is no such BLE smart profile - which is a pitty because that use case would make many people happy as there are still many bike computers out there only supporting BLE.

Does the V650 have data fields to dispay this kind of data?

Yes it does

@GPLama Here comes the answer from NPE support:
“…there is currently no Bluetooth equivalent to Ant+ Cycling Dynamics.”

So, unfortunately it won’t work :cry:

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