Fatigue: when to decide to rest?

I’m at the tail end of week 6 of a mid mile base program. At the beginning of week 5 I redid my ramp test with an improved FTP. Aftwards I was very sore and did none of the hard efforts instead electing to just do the 50-70% FTP endurance stuff. Now in weeks 6 I feel a bit flat. Should I keep up with the suggested program as it appears in my calendar or just keep resting with the easier miles?

Hey there!

In the future I would recommend waiting until the end of the plan to retest since there will be a RAMP test prescribed at the beginning of each training phase. This will help you get the intended benefit of the plan without getting too sore :+1:.

As for what to do now, week 6 of Mid-Volume Sweet Spot Base should be mostly easy endurance stuff, so I would stick to the plan.

Let me know if you have any further questions!