Fasting & Tooth paste / Chewing gum

I’m interested in the topic of (intermittent) fasting. About fasting, Chad writes this in the blog:

“Your body doesn’t care how little of an amount it may have been. It’s like a shark with blood. The second your body gets a taste of glycogen, it will go for it and leave anything else that might have been desirable to consume for fuel behind. Then comes the most unfortunate part of all: your fat metabolism shuts down. This is what you want to avoid.”

This makes me wonder: Does stuff like tooth paste and chewing (both taste sweet, but are said to be ‘sugar free’) stop the process of fasting, especially your fat metabolism?

Chad says that once your body gets the taste of glycogen, your fat metabolism shuts down. Does the same thing count for sweet stuff like tooth paste and/or chewing gum?


My understanding it is the bump in Insulin that halts the fat metabolism. Some sweetners are said to have that effect on some people. Unfortunately - after all that black coffee on fast days you really do need something to keep your mouth fresh - and brushing my teeth a couple of times a day when fasting doesn’t seem to have caused any problems.

But I’d avoid the Gum and any Sweetened Mouthwash.

Thanks for the reply!
You said you didn’t notice ‘any problems’: could you explain this a bit more? In other words: what would you have to notice to say that tooth paste does cause some problems?

Thanks again.

Assuming you brush in the morning and fast until at least lunch if your fat metabolism shut down you’d be light headed and ravenous by that time since you liver glycogen stores would have been fully depleted