Fastest CX/Gravel bike on the road

As per the title, I’m looking for the fastest CX or Gravel bike on the road? (I’ll be swapping the wheels out for road rides, price sub £4000 - not including the extra wheel set)

The one you get the most aero position on.


Assuming the same position on all, probably the 3T with the new BMC and Factor bikes likely right up there, as well.

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or the Cervelo Aspero or the Enve Melee (likely out of the price range) if you can go with narrow gravel tires

but as splash says - the bike is on a small % of the CDA - your position matters the most for speed

This is one of those situations where you are looking for the jack of all trade bike, but master of none, find the trade offs that matter to you most. Cost, speed, quality - pick two!

there are quite few threads on here for that already

I ride an Aspero (and love it), but in terms of aero, I don’t think it is in the same league as the others I mentioned.

But it is a great bike….whatever i may be giving up in aero (likely not much), I’ll gladly pay for the overall ride.

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Specialized Crux, Canyon Grail


Giant TCX is light and capable, but you’d need 2x. Ive been really happy with mine on the road… 3 wheelsets.

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Factor Ostro Gravel is brand new. Modeled after the Ostro with very slight (if any) geometry changes, just modified to take wider rims / tires. They even have a new Bar setup for it setup to take aero bars.

Not sure you can do it sub £4000 though.

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What are opinions on Canyon Inflite and Cube CROSS RACE C:68X? (Really like the look of Cube’s TE versions)


Cheers all, much appreiated

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I don’t think these guys have actually shipped any frames yet, but might be worth a look… Surveyor – BRIDGE Bike Works

The frameset is $5000 Canadian, so probably not in budget…

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