Fall training schedule

Prepping for the Spring 2020 races is just around the corner. My wife and I plan to start with SSB 1 and 2 low volume then adding a weekend ride. I was planning Monday and Wednesday as moderate rides with Thursday as the difficult ride. Our only time constraint is we would like one weekend day open for house work. Any suggestions how to schedule our week?

What kind of intensity is your weekend ride? I might be more inclined to go M/W/F and follow up the hard ride on Friday with a fun ride on Saturday or Sunday, instead of dropping e.g. threshold over/unders right after 45 minutes of sweet spot.

(Also super jealous you train together, that must be a blast.)

Weekend rides usually vary from moderate to very intense rides.

Training together is a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing to have someone to train with and motivate you and a curse when she kicks my butt all over the place.