Failed mary austin -1 due to right abdomen pain

Hello from South Korea. As a time crunched cyclist who even doesn’t have time for weekend cycling, TR seems a lot of help to me. Even my thigh got bulked up during this base phase. Thanks a lot TR and those who share great information in this forum.

Currently I’m in my 4th week of SSB LV2(after ssb lv1). Due to my life things, I trained mary austin -1 today which was scheduled yesterday. I heard mary austin is pretty hard, but I took rest two days so I was quite confident about accomplishing the workout.

Well, failed just after interval 5. I got only one interval left!! but failed… because of right abdomen pain. It became so bad as my interval 5 progresses. Last step I even loose pedal few times, and as soon as I reach rest cave between interval 5 and 6, I have to stop.

I found one article that it might due to food processing problem within intestines

I actually eat some soft bread(red bean dip inside… what should I call this in English?) between interval 2 and 3, afraid of lack of energy. Eat one sports dextrose tablet between interval 4 and 5. I used dextrose tablet many times and experienced no problem. Also after workout, huge gases expelled out of me, so suspect bread to be blame. Am I right?

If that was the case, was eat during workout too much concern? (I don’t live in english culture so my sentence might feel odd… sorry about that) Just dinner 2 hour prior to workout might be enough? Hope to learn some knowledge to avoid this right abdomen pain because without this pain, I might have got this today… :hot_face:

Sounds like a gas bubble to me. Eating about 3 hours prior to a tough workout like Mary Austin -1 could help. The best thing to do is experiment on different foods that may work the best for you, on and off the bike.


I’ve had an occasional cramp like that when running, and yes, it’s usually due to some gas in the intestines. A little trick that works surprisingly well is to talk to the body part that is hurting and acknowledge the pain or discomfort that it is signalling to your brain. It may sound silly, but I have found this to be an effective approach. So you can just tell your stomach as many times as needed that you hear it, that you understand it isn’t feeling happy, and that you will be done with the workout in XX minutes.

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Another failure today, this time Spencer +2, VO2Max 6x3-min workout :cry: Same pain at the upper-right abdomen. After 4th interval, slight pain started to be noticed. at 5th interval it became more noticable, and pain striked at the rest valley. Didn’t totally loose pedal like previous time, but power at final interval monotonically decreased from vo2max(120%) to sweet spot.

Only took two sports dextrose tablet during workout and had dinner 2h before workout. Dinner was rice and bulgogi. Experienced gas expel 40min after workout… damn…

As consecutive failure happens, and next scheduled workout is lamarck IF 0.92 threshold workout, I’m a little bit worried about another failure. Maybe next time I might have experiment of having dinner more earlier, and take no in-workout food things…

Is it possible that I’m just too weak to take high intensity stimulus? Well, at the end of my high school days(like almost 20y ago), I was 173cm(5’8) and 47kg(103lbs). My chest circumference was 78cm(This might physically restrict my vo2max?). That figure is not in boundaries of slick or fit. I was just weak. Super weak. No hard workouts at all during my teenager times. Only just recent years I reached 60+kg. body composition test showed my muscle mass was insufficient 2 years ago. Only last year test started to show total muscle mass is in appropriate range(still leg muscles mass was not sufficient). I started structured training this year, so body composition test this year might show different result, but still I think I’m kinda weak. Though current FTP of 211 might not indicate weak

I’ll keep take experiment with myself onward. Still, advices are :heart:ly welcome. Thanks.