Failed Antelope - COVID? Power Meter? Bike? A short story

Hi there,

today I made an interesting experience, but have to tell a bit of a story first:
Since last weekend, my wife & my oldest daughter started to develop COVID Symptoms and got tested positive. My two younger kids have also been tested despite not having any symptoms but still are positive.
I only started to feel very minor fatigue starting last Saturday and some headaches but other then that I feel ok. I sometimes have some minor body aches, too.
Anyways, Saturday morning I completed Antelope despite my minor fatigue-feeling. I never even came close to not being able to not completing it.
Sunday is my rest day and Monday I got tested for COVID but don’t have the result yet.
My symptoms never changed. little headache, some fatigue, a bit body aching, etc.
I sold my old bike on Sunday that I used to ride on the trainer (Stages PM Left) and now ride my new bike on the trainer (spider based Quarq - see other threads). So there is not only a switch in bikes but also a switch in power source.
Monday I completed Tunnabora (and added some zone 2) and yesterday I completed a light workout - Carter + some extra Zone 2.
Today, I had Antelope on the plan and during the 5th sweet spot interval I had to switch to resistance mode as I didn’t feel I could get through it. I finished the interval at Zone 2, did the normal recovery and tried the 6th interval, which I had to quit about 7 minutes in.
I’m now wondering what the root cause could be:
Power source?
Position on bike (it still is slightly different compared to the old bike)?
COVID Impact?
A combination of all 3?

I personally didn’t think that the power meter should make such an impact. I know from outdoor rides that my L/R power is very evenly distributed so I think I can cross that out.
I don’t want to do an FTP test either as being potentially fatigue from COVID would produce wrong numbers.
Comparing the two same workouts (failed one on the right), I noticed that up until interval 2, all looks quit good. Interval 3, my HR was already higher than last Saturday - so I feel it is not the Power source as the initial intervals are actually showing lower HR compared to Saturday, but maybe fatigue that is somewhere in my body…I also felt I couldn’t maintain a higher cadence, which leads to more muscle fatigue, etc.

Anyhow, I will try a workout tomorrow and see how that goes. I thought is was interesting to share. Maybe other will be in the same COVID situation down the road?


There is nothing to be gained and everything to lose from stressing your body right now. You have every reason to believe it may be fighting off a potentially deadly disease.

Even if the test is negative, that might say more about the timing of the test than your COVID status since it is all up in your house. Take some time off. Get healthy.


I’ve got no idea if you have COVID or not, but from what you describe it sounds like your body is trying to fight something. There’s no benefit to training whilst you’re in this state, so take some time out until you feel recovered and then look at resuming training. Once you’re back on the bike, then worry about your PM and stuff like that.


You’re sick…take a couple days off the bike and recover. If you feel up for it go for a light walk or something. Then ramp back into the bike slowly and don’t push it. If you keep pushing you could turn it into a multi week recovery.

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I’m like you…when I catch a cold, I know that by NOT riding, it will go away faster…but I can’t control myself and ride anyways, and the cold lasts 2 or 3 x’s as long. When I had Covid, I stopped riding for 6 days (to be honest, it was not my discipline, but rather I was so sick that I couldn’t have ridden even if I wanted to…with the sweats and the fever and coughing), and when I started again, I went REAL easy. After about 3 weeks, I was just about 100% and went for a 95 mile ride with a lot of climbing. I recommend, not riding at ALL for at least a week, and then only going easy…and only going hard again when you are 100%. Besides, it’s really pretty much useless to do intervals unless you can give it your best quality effort…otherwise, I believe you are just fatiguing your legs for little gain. You’d be better off doing Z2 work on the aerobic engine anyhow.

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I thought this was a joke thread…seriously man…you have covid…rest and get better. When you are over covid then worry about your workouts…if you have changed power meters you always retest your ftp…that has been discussed a million times on this forum. Sorry to be harsh but common sense goes a long way in life.

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If you need to workout, do easy stuff like pettit or just ride recovery power and watch tv

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I do appreciate you comment but don’t like you say I’m lacking common sense. I do not have any symptoms that would make me believe I really have COVID and I would not ride if I would have a fever, cough, sweat, etc. Many people have COVID without any symptoms, never get tested and still are alive despite working out.
By today, I feel completely normal again but will take it easy for a few days and hope to be back to normal very soon.
Again, I do appreciate you comment though.

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and apart from more covid advice, since you changed your power meter you will need to retest and set a new FTP with the new power meter…

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I do not have any symptoms that would make me believe I really have COVID

I don’t really understand your thinking here. 4 members of your household tested positive for Covid in the same week that you developed viral sounding symptoms yet you still don’t believe you might really have it?


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You did say you had fatigue, headache and body aches…those are all symptoms…your body is working double time to fight off the virus and it appears to be doing so at the expense of your minor symptoms. My remark about common sense was only because the answer to you question seems pretty obvious.

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This. Different power meters will lead, potentially, to quite different readings.