Extremly heavy legs before suprathreshold workouts


I have raised my training load drastically the last couple of months, from training sporadically 1-3 per week last year to doing 6 days a week over the course of the last 4 months. I’m trying to get in the best shape possible before my goal this year wich is a half ironman xtri in Norway in the middle of August. Two weeks ago i adjusted my plan over to a half ironman plan from olympic distance. After that my legs have been super heavy and the last two suprathreshold workouts I’ve needed to bail after the first and second block. The other workouts have been ok, but with heavy legs in general. Is this something to just push true or should I ease of a bit?

Thanks in advance!

Edit: I have raised my FTP from 267 to 304 in the timeline above, putting me at 3,34 W/kg

No surprise, while you have trained 4 days before suprathreshold, which is all about muscle endurance and Vo2. And you have around 150 TSS (run+swim) on Sunday.

If you look into the plans, there is usually either day off or a very easy spin before these workouts. Try to rest on Monday, if needed cut Whorl and adjust your schedule

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