Extra Data in fit file

Hey there,
when i export my Data (save as fit file) from TR and import it to Goldencheetah there are two extra Columns named: FIELD_42 and FIELD_73.
Field 42 seems to be always filled with 2. Field 73 ranging from ±4000 to 7000.
What do these fields stand for? Some sort of HRV?

Sidenote: Using a Garmin HR Strap, Garmin Cadance, Wahoo Kickr (ANT+, Win10 App).

Thanks a lot.

Probably something related to powermatch? 2 maybe the mide you are on, AND the other value Is some kind of offset. Just guessing

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Thanks for your reply curcuit.
Good and relatable point, but I’m using only my kickr as a powersource. No other PM on this bike. So it has? to be something else or the powermatch thing is always included, used or not…

In the fit file protocol 42 is “activity type” and 73 is “enhanced speed” in a record message. Activity type of 2 = cycling.


Thank you!