Explosive / Sprint training

Long story short; I’m racing a 1KM sprint race on a hotdog track, so it’s basically 2*500 meters. Which TR workout do the people suggest?

Make Spanish Needle your best friend…

WTH is a hotdog track?

I’m guessing a hotdog track is long and straight and I’m also guessing that you need to hit the power and stay there?

If both of the above are correct, I’d go with any workout that gives you VO2 Max intervals. I have no idea how quickly I could cover 2,500 meters so I’d be looking to build the VO2 Max intervals up to the three minute mark.

This explains hot dog track and how race tactics change relative to a more conventional track
https://www.trackcyclingacademy.com/blog/the-sprint-the-long-way-round-part-2 (I had to look it up)

Essentially a long thin track with super sharp corners and long straights (relative I assume to a conventional indoor 250m track)