Existing BOLT user upgrade to ROAM?

It works on password protected networks including your phone as a hotspot which is what I think the original person referred to.

I did this in France using a Sim card in my phone that allowed me to turn on hotspot. I just had to connect to it with the wahoo app using password for my phone hotspot and then all set.

Unfortunately my US cell provider doesn’t allow hotspot unless you have a much more expensive plan. Prepaid sims in France are an incredible bargain… Around $30 for 20gb of high speed data and unlimited calls and texts for a month.


I wasn’t looking to save $60 to buy something else cycling related with it, I just wasn’t looking to pay $380 for something I did not think was worth $380.

But to play devil’s advocate, $60 buys a half decent pair of bibs worthy enough of 1-2 hour indoor TR sessions like my trusty Pearl Izumis. Or a jersey. Or a Bontrager Flare RT. :upside_down_face: