Eurosport Power Data

Eurosport flashed up Thomas and Gee’s power data for the first 10 minutes of the first climb today (380 and 440 I think it was). Does anyone know how they get the data - are they estimating from weight, speed, gradient etc. or do they have live link to the riders’ power data?

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I believe they have transponders of some sort under their seat and at least for some riders they can get a live power reading from them.
I think it’d be great if they had more live metrics during the race like they do in F1 and during the PTO (triathlon races). If they had a webpage that you watch along with the races that’d be really cool. Also if we could listen to the live race radio or they incorporated that into the coverage that’d increase excitement, also like they do in F1.
Cycling has so much time to fill in for the commentators, they really do need to think about how to up their game!


Totally agree with @Rickie - cycling should sell add-on packages that give live access to power / HR / cadence for all riders and access to race and team radios, with the vast majority of this going to the teams.


There is a bit more of that sort of data on the velon website.