Etap 11 speed rear der maximum size cassette

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I run etap 11 spd and zonda wheels on my road bike and currently have a 11-26 cassette that is on its 6th and probably last chain.

I do not see the use of a 11-28 as they take the 16 tooth cog to make way for the 11 cog (resulting in a big jump from 15 to 17). I understand some riders prefer having a 11 speed cog as it affects the chain line. Fine. I am not a sprinter and do not need a 11 cog. I was thinking of swapping hub body and getting a Campagnolo 11 speed 12-29 so i can have all my gears plus a nice bail out for horribly hilly places.

Question: what is the maximum cog that a regular (short case i think) etap rear derailleur can take?



I’ve fit an 11-30 on a short cage etap rd no issues. 32 was where I ran into trouble and had to get the longer cage.

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Had 11-32 on Tarmac SL5 and only problem I had is that I couldn’t get into small-small but no shifting problems or chain drops or anything!

Miche do an 11 speed cassette cluster that you can customise to whatever cogs you want. Miche Primato Light 11 Speed Shimano/SRAM Cassette 11T-14T start and 2 | The Cycle Clinic

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