ERG hiccup during V02 max workouts

I seem to get one of these on every V02 workout…I raise my cadence to 90-95 after a rest interval at 80 ish, then when the interval starts there is no resistance, I basically have to stop pedalling for it to kick in. It happened on the 4th interval but all the rest were fine…Saris H3 calibrated before every workout. I know if I contact support they will say its interference but most of the time only happens once per workout at the beginning of an interval, if it were interference I would think it would be happening everywhere and it has never happened in any endurance or threshold workouts.

Think it might be a Hammer issue - I have similar occasionally on my Original Hammer when I suddenly ramp my cadence just before an interval. It’s like the hammer gets confused and stays (in my case) at the recovery power before kicking into the right power.

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I got a few of these today. Failed to set the power for the higher Vo2 effort and also at times got stuck at the vo2 power. App also froze halfway through workout, required a restart(1st time ever).
I submitted a tick through support, will wait for the response

Definitely an issue with your trainer. I had a similar problem with my Wahoo Kickr a few years back. I got a new one and the problem went away… Sorry to say, it might be time to invest in a new one.

Unless your is still under warranty!

Maybe, but also maybe not.

I’ve had this type of delay on all of the half dozen smart trainers I have used in 8 years of TR use. They weren’t all flawed or bad (I’ve never had any replaced via warranty, just sold a few over time). Sometimes, I fully expect that the ghosts in the machine were at fault and these just happen on occasion.

I’ve had late starts like this as well as ones that held high without dropping to the recovery target over the years. Unless it is quite consistent in frequency, it’s hard to diagnose with any certainty. Software glitches are real, as are equipment blips and both could be the cause of the issue here and those may not mean the hardware is “faulty”.


Yeah, maybe I was too quick to blame the hardware due to my experience… It would be interesting to see if the behavior is seen in other apps besides TR. That’s what clued me to the fact that my trainer was at fault. And fortunately, my trainer was still under warranty (but just barely).

If it’s only TR where the OP sees this happen (might be a problem with TR), or if it only happens in this circumstance (step in ERG power target following cadence change, regardless of app) then it might be a different problem with the trainer.

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I should add, i have got when ive just survived a circle of death at the end of an interval as @mcneese.chad describes. Im still blaming my cadence in both cases - i train in the big ring (as thats how i race) so have always presumed its cadence / fly wheel speed combo that causes the occasional glitches.

Multiple bluetooth (trainer and headphones), wifi’s, garmin, tv remotes, fan remotes - personally id have a lot to eliminated for very occasional glitches. Fwiw it seems less frequent when i spindown every workout, and my firmware is up to date.

One thing worth noting is that you’re really only going to notice this type of interference on workouts where you have frequent large adjustments in power

Something like Lachat, with very few, smaller adjustments in power, could very well have the same type of interference but you’d be hard pressed to notice them.

That’s not to say interference is definitely the cause - but something like this workout with 36 abrupt changes in power is much more likely to reveal poor connectivity than something with far fewer abrupt changes in power

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How many seconds before the interval do you ramp the cadence? I’ve ready elsewhere that the resistance command goes a second before the interval. You might want to be at the higher cadence before that command gets sent, so maybe ramp cadence at 3 seconds out and see how it goes?

I actually start ramping up about 5 seconds out

Sorry a bit off topic, but I don’t want to start a new thread. I’ve started doing all my VO2 max workouts in resistance mode because I have an issue in erg where the only way I can keep my power on target is constantly increase my cadence.

Has anyone else faced this or is this just a technique thing I’m doing wrong? Especially on short VO2 max intervals I get to a point where I can’t spin fast enough to hit the target.

what trainer do you have? Wheel on, or off (direct-drive)?

I have a kickr snap. So wheel on.

I also power match to assioma uno pedals.

I get the same thing with my H3, after about 30 seconds into a V02 max interval ny power will start to drop even though my cadence is the same. I will start at 92 rpm and be over 100 at the end.