ERG across different providers

Is all ERG applied equally by whichever application or software is used?

Is ERG a standard application that is used by TR, Zwift, Wahoo etc or do they all implement their own flavour of how erg is applied?

My personal feeling is that, they seem to be very different in the way it is applied. I have a Wattbike Atom and when using ERG through the Wattbike app, ERG seems a lot less harsh than says Zwifts applications of it, whilst TR would sit in the middle of the two.

Just wondering on the technology behind it…

I would be interested to know this as well… I have noticed a diiference in feel going from a wahoo snap to a Saris H3. The snap would hit like a ton of bricks but the H3 is buttery smooth when it ramps up.

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The few times I have used ERG with RGT I feel its more forgiving than TR (less likely to drag me into the spiral of death). However, TR seems to be developing so its ERG is more forgiving also and I think you can adjust TR responsiveness to ERG now also. Its rather subjective by me though and I don’t know if there’s any hard facts.

@craigmanning there’s definitely a difference with how hardware (trainers handle ERG) but I think the OP is asking about software providers (TR, Zwift, Wahoo etc)

TR controlling my Kickr but measuring the power at the pedals (to control the Kickr) provides a much nicer experience (less spiral of death / easier start) than having TR control the Kickr from the Kickr power.

Thats what im trying to work out. It very much feels different, but i question myself, am I right.

If hardware handles ERG differently then software must too.

It does I think; as I was saying in my response its rather subjective ‘think’ from me; the RGT software felt more forgiving to me than TR software months ago but TR feels better now and I think you can alter it further.

I believe so,