Enduro tire for light riders

I’m a light guy at 128lbs at 6,1 with a Commencal Meta AM 29. I purposely got a heavier bike to make up for my lack of weight but I find that my problem now is what tires I should run. I use a DHF 29 by 2.5 and Agressor 29 by 2.4 front and back but I find that I’m too light for those tires. I don’t go higher than 14 psi with huck Norris and EXO casing yet the tire still feels too stiff. What tires should I run instead?

Too stiff or they are doing their job and hooking up?

What terrain are you riding in? One cannot suggest a tyre based solely on a riders weight.

As a light person the only difference is the pressure you can get away with. You don’t see Tahnee Seagrave running a thin wall tyre because she is light. She runs the same as any heavier guy out there. She can just gey away with less pressure which in theory provides more grip.

Have you tried ditching those pool noodles? If anything they are making the tyres stiff. You are quite possibly not putting enough energy into the tyres to make them feel less stiff.

Why do you think you need more side flex in the tyre walls? Are you leaning the bike over enough in the corners? The tyre shouldn’t be folding over to give grip, it’s you who needs to get the tyre pushing into the berms.


I’m not sure the tire inserts are helping you here. The reduced air volume works the same way as it does in air suspension, it makes the pressure ramp up faster under compression. I’m a heavy rider so I can’t really say with any certainty but removing them is free so it could be worth a shot.
Keep in mind that a heavy sidewall will be less supple as well but you are risking sidewall tears if you go with lighter casing.
I have the same tire set up (in heavier casings) and I like that combination. There are a million other options out there though. I think Jeff from WorldWide Cyclery runs trail tires on his bikes because he likes the lighter feel and it works for the terrain he rides.