Endurance Rides & Sweetspot

It took me a while to realize that you need to push sweetspot during strong winds to maintain a decent speed. It seems unrealistic(to me) to do a 3 hour zone 2 only ride indoors as a result. So my question is can sweetspot be mixed into zone 2 rides indoors and can that still be called an endurance ride? I also don’t know the proper definition of an endurance ride.

Yes, you can still call it an Endurance ride.

When riding purely zone 2 outside then the aim of the game is to stick to that intensity and not worry about speed.

Im doing traditional base and I find those workouts can be tougher than expected and certainly in TB3 there are some SS workouts. Also a lot of tempo in othet TB phases which ive found really benefical to my outdoor long rides.

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Interesting… so what if I for instance add 20 minutes of sweetspot after an hour of zone 2 riding indoors? will have any huge effect on the more important workouts? I forgot to mention that I am doing the century low volume plan but I ride for about 10 hours/week…

It’s hard to say as it depends on how well you recover. A well trained athlete should be able to cope with that no problem and still hit the hard intervals the next day. I don’t know your current training history but there’s no problem in adding it to one of your workouts and seeing how it goes and adjust as necessary.