Endurance ride after a workout?

It’s widely known that SS training gives you best bang for your buck if you haven’t got the time for long endurance rides. As someone training for ultra events next year would it be an idea to incorporate maybe an hour or 2 hour endurance ride after a SS workout. I have the time to do it but don’t want to Interfere too much with the plan but when i have the time would it be more beneficial to add endurance rides after workouts or maybe on their own by replacing a SS workout. Thanks.

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As long as you can complete your other planned workouts at their set duration and intensity, you should be good. These are TSS fillers to a point and more than that if you ride them long enough.

Doing them on the heels of a tougher workou is a common use where you are more depleted and may get some good adaptations from being in that state.

Just make sure you still hit the following hard workouts properly.


teamkennyg, lemme give you some numbers…I have some 200+ & lots of 100+ experience…not much TR experience…

I just tested after a SSB block & whatever you want to call the metric that results from taking the TR ramp test went up 20+ watts. I consider that a pretty good result since I strarted that block in what was (for me) a well trained condition. So, way to go TR! (I had a broken CB during that time so that’s way, way, WAY better than sitting around de-training)

Earlier in the week I did an all-out solo 100 mile ride. I completed that ride in 5 hours 15 minutes in prime weather conditions, no wind, super flat course. Now, granted, that was on a gravel bike, but let’s be honest: pretty mediocre effort. Nothing you would want to mention to your riding buddies! Ha!

So, based on my limited experience I think it would be wise to do some extra endurance work if ultra-endurance is your goal.