End of season - how do you unwind?


Explore MTB trails in the area followed by extended visits to the local brewery. Coffee shop rides, bodyboard more (if the surf in NJ picks up), hit-up local tap takeovers and get ready for ski season. I still have a bit of structure to my training, where I follow TR low volume base plan but don’t care if I miss a workout. Oh, and I look at bikes, fantasizing about buying a new bike for the next season but usually decide to put it off…

Unwind is not the correct term; there is a lot of winding involved as you may see but right now I’m not training anything useful and helping the old man on his epic voyage from Huddersfield to Leeds the long way instead. It’s not exactly the Odyssey but it might take as long. Also taking the opportunity to play with my new 360 camera: Diggle to Saddleworth - YouTube

curious, why do you do your workouts during the summer? that sounds brutal. not knocking you, just really amazed to read that. plenty of time coming up to be indoors.

Not sure if this was directed at me, but…

I do indoor workouts during the summer when I can because of the time efficiency. I can usually get a pretty good workout in outdoors but by the time I travel to the roads where I can do the intervals (or where the group ride starts) and back I’ve wasted a lot of time.

I find for me the choice is often between sleep and exercise - I can’t sacrifice my time at work and if I’m getting home at 6 or 630 the only way to get a workout in and still cool down enough to be asleep at a reasonable hour is to immediately hop on the trainer.

I much prefer being outside, and do that when possible, but it’s a rare day that I’m not out the door at 7 AM and home around 6 PM - I have to make the best of the time available


In all seriousness it’s about removing some of the discipline and being mentally OK about it.


My version of Popeyes is the Indian buffet binge


cool that makes sense! thanks! and sorry i left out the words “on the trainer” in the question lol and it didn’t make sense; nice job deciphering it!

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Exactly. I’m actually getting faster since having to cancel my last big race of the season and dropping structure. Indoors racing zwift during the week and long rides in the hills on the weekends.

Just having fun on the bike, eating what I want and taking fitness as a bonus.