Elite Direto Issues after first calibration

Hi All,
I’ve had an Elite Direto II since 2019. Never had issues, never calibrated it. I also got a Stages 3gen left power meter. I noticed a small discrepancy 5-10 watts between the two which wasn’t a big deal.

Last week I calibrated the trainer for the first time using the Elite app, straight forward procedure. The next session after this I noticed a big difference in the effort I needed to put for same watts during a workout in Z2 (Erg mode)…I figure something was off with me and decreased the power manually. Then did a zwift race and I was struggling during some mediocre efforts by my standards.

Today I decided to run (didn’t record) my Garmin 520 with the Stages power meter to see what the discrepancy is, and is staggering: between 20-30 watts. This is messing up with my training as I’m very attuned to the feeling and the power numbers. I already sent an email to Elite, will hear back in 3-4 days.

Here are my questions:

  1. Has anybody experience this ??
  2. I decided to re-sign up to TR and use powermatch to continue my training using my powermeter to control the trainer and still have access to erg mode. Does anybody have any feedback on this specific setup?
  3. I just did a Zwift ride using the Stages 3g L powermeter and it feels really comfortable, perhaps too much. Maybe is the effect of having been killiing myself with that crazy resistance. Is there a discrepancy between the power measurement on the road and on the trainer for this type of power meter (Left crank only)?

Thanks a lot. H

Edit: It appears that zwift has also a powermatch feature

I’m in contact with Elite support, they are actually helpful and somewhat fast. They had me do a Trainer Diagnostic routine using the app and send them a file, all from the app. It took me 2 minutes. Let’s see what they say.

Today I will be testing my RPE of the following setups:

  • Zwift Free Ride (Using Powermeter instead of Trainer)
  • TR Powermatch - Erg Mode
  • TR Powermatch - No Erg Mode
  • Zwift Powermatch - Erg Mode

Will report back results. H

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