Elevation and power adjustments — intervals up the mountain

Hi all, I did 3x20’ at sweet spot today heading up a 14-mile mountainous climb. The first interval started at about 4800 feet elevation and the 3rd started at 7300 feet. I had a hard time maintaining the power in the 3rd interval, squeaking by the lower limit but also with 8 bpm higher average heart rate and about 6 average watts less than my first interval. I have done like 600,000 feet of climbing this year and this is a routine ride for me, but this is my first week on a TrainerRoad training plan. Just wondering if it’s normal to see a decline in power like this with this sort of elevation. My RPE was also greater and the grade was comparable to the first interval. I have noticed a drop in power up this climb before sometimes, so I’m guessing it’s just the elevation, but would welcome any thoughts! For reference this is Big Cottonwood Canyon in Salt Lake City, Utah.