Edge 130 and kinetic inride - possible to pair?

So, I thought I was doing something nice for my wife and got an edge 130 that she could use outside (of course) and with the older gen kinetic inride bluetooth sensor, since she’s not interested in messing with apps, this (to me) seemed like the easiest way to track stuff inside. Anyhow, turns out the sensor isn’t pairing with the head unit (and it’s not paired to anything else). So I’m assuming that for whatever reason it won’t be possible to pair, but figured I’d ask in case someone might have experience that would suggest otherwise

According to the DCrainmaker page the Edge 130 is not ANT+FEC compatible (and probably also not BT FTMS either then).

Also it looks like if you have the older bluetooth only inride sensor you might be stuck using only their app (guessing based on their website contents).

Thanks, I figured that would be the case, and not that the inride was acting as a simple bluetooth sensor like any other speed/cadence/power meter