Easy to find bread and butter workouts

Looking for an easy way to just find simple workouts. I am talking 3x8 @ FTP progressing all the way up to 2X20. Also for VO2, just the 5x5 gold standard. Just wondering why there aren’t any workouts named “3x8” or something like that so they are easy to find.

  1. Go to Log In to TrainerRoad

  2. Filter by selecting the Zones, Duration, Intensity, Intervals and other options.

    • These may be combined, but be careful to not pick too many to start.
    • Too many filters may prematurely limit search results and you may miss your desired workout.
  3. Enter a short text search criteria:

    • I recommend starting with minimal text at first.
    • Incorrectly worded or noted criteria may prematurely limit search results and you may miss your desired workout.
  4. Review the results to see if you get anything close to your goal.

    • Refine your search criteria as needed, once you validate results and common wording in the workout text fields.
  5. Adjust the Sorting method with one of the options, and set ascending or descending.


Example 1:

  • Filter: Threshold
  • Search: 3x8
  • Sort: Name, Descending (Default)

Example 2:

Example 3:


It’s a shame one can’t view or add to favourites from the workouts listing on web.

(Unless I am overlooking it?)

I asked for something similar as a feature request. Somewhere that you can see similar workouts, so that if you wanted you could work through them. There’s always a workaround as above but long winded in my view and can’t be done in mobile.

This is actively being worked on. They are rebuilding the workout favorites/tags to be common across all platforms and devices (including the web).


You could go to the creator and just design what you are looking for. May take a few hours to build all your workouts but it is worth it in the long run. I use my custom workouts unless i am in a plan. For the Vo2 5x5 look at Mount Foraker+1. That’s exactly what you described for Vo2 work.

I think this may be my best option. If you go through all of the filtering, it still takes a while to find the exact workout you are looking for (see the examples in Chad’s response). It just seems like TR doesn’t offer any super simple workouts to get the work done, which is a little confusing since it seems like there are thousands of them. My point is, why not have a few workouts named something like “FTP 3x8” or “FTP 2x20” and just have it simple with a warmup/opener and three 8 minute intervals at exactly FTP.

  1. You can find your desired workouts once, using my method above on the web and make note of them.

  2. Open your main TR app and find the workouts by the searching on the name you found above.

  3. Click the :star: to favorite the workout in that specific app, and it will be in your Favorites section for easy access.

    • Note: This is currently marked in each app/device, and not shared. So, you will have to repeat as needed if you use more than one device.

This is my less-than-perfect work around until the improved system is in place.


The updated filtering on the website is broken for workouts in the 2h-2.5h window; if I select 2h and 2.5h then no 2.25h workouts (e.g. Juneau) appear. Juneau +1 and Juneau -1 are found as these are 2h and 2.5h.

Have you sent this to support@trainerroad.com for them to review?

I have to say workout filters and searching is very poor. I normally waste 5 - 15 minutes finding a session I want (it is kind of okay for sessions under an hour but not great.) This is the biggest setback that TR has at the moment IMO.


Not yet! Was at work when I noticed. I’m pleased TR have improved the search but still needs some tweaking.

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Although the new filters are better, there are gaps - so some workouts won’t be spotted. This has now been reported to support also.

Yup, that’s a problem.

I may be wrong, but I think the intent is that the #:## is supposed to be the number and items above it, up to the next filter.

Ex: Select 2:00 and you should get any workout 2:00 or longer up to 2:29, but not including 2:30 since that is the next filter option.

I think they need to improve the labeling because I don’t see it as clear at all, especially if you are looking to find any intermediate duration workouts.

Thoughts, @Bryce?

The old way was like that. 60-90m would show 60-89. Or more likely 60-89:59. This was a bit hard to use. If I was looking for 1:15 and 1:30 workouts I’d have to select 60-90 and 90-2h.

The new way if I select 1h I should see a range either side. The issue here is that the ranges around 2h and 2h30 don’t meet or overlap.

A free slider would be nice. Just let the user decide what range they want.

Hmm, thanks for bringing this to our attention @sproven. I’ll discuss this with the team when we are all back in the office on Monday :+1: .

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I raised it with support@trainerroad.com - it’s in the system.