Early Morning Workouts

I’ve been getting cold brew concentrate, 1:1 with water. Mostly cold, bit occasionally ill use the electric kettle to boil the water. Use it only for workouts, 32 oz bottle generally gets me through 9-10. Also have been doing overnight oats as main pre-workout meal

I have a Keurig coffee maker. Turn it on, toss a k cup in, and I’ve got a cup of coffee in less than 5 mins. Is it great coffee? No. But at 4 or 4:30am I don’t really care. And it’s not terrible either.

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Programmable coffee maker or smart plug. Coffee ready when you want it.

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Surely it doesn’t matter. The coffee will not have been resorbed in time? Am I missing some science?

Not claiming anything on science. Just something I like from a flavor perspective along with the related habit that sets me in the right mood.

I pop a 200mg caffeine pill. If it’s a club ride or longer solo ride, I take a second one in a carrier for later.

For me, that doesn’t get me going much but it’s enough to be helpful and it’s not enough to negatively affect me. More than 800mg in a single dose isn’t good, 600mg is fine, but I doubt more than 200-400mg is any more beneficial from what I’ve read. I used to take a gram in every day when I had access to unlimited Nespresso and Red Bull at work. My partners limit is maybe 50mg before things go haywire; we’re all different.

I’m an early morning workout person, generally 15mins from bed to bike.
Switch coffee machine on first, then toilet / get into cycling gear, take cup fresh coffee into garage.
Start warm up, after warm up and during the 4-5min recovery drink coffee.

Seems to work for me, even if it is more placebo than actual cafine having an effect.


Reading this thread made me laugh. The things we go through…

And cold coffee is a bridge too far :joy:

I forked out a lot for a coffee machine precisely for this reason. Non posso fare a meno del mio espresso! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Also, public service announcement:

If you do keep caffeine pills or powder in the house and there are kids, teens, or persons with depression; keep it locked up. Even if you don’t have to lock up every sharp and substance in the house, this is one to keep in safe storage. Whether through accident (rare) or intention, it can be lethal in this form.

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  • I think you missed a key word, “pills” in the text above.

Sorry for the misunderstanding Chad. Maybe I should try it. :grinning:

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Pills or powder, yeah - thanks and edited.

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Two mugs of tea. And the workout just has to wait until I’m done.

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