Early Access to iOS Beta: Updated TrainerRoad

Would you be able to tell us which heart rate monitor you’re using? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I have the Garmin HRM-Dual. It synced fine with my Garmin head unit when I rode outside on Saturday, so I know it was not an issue with the HRM.

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Another ride today with my HRM cutting in and out - this time throughout the full 75 minutes. I use a MyZone MZ-3. The HRM did record my full workout so it was not a HRM problem.

No problems with my HRM prior to the last couple of workouts. I did update my iPhone X to the most recent iOS 13.7 end of last week - do not recall what day, but it could have been overnight Thursday into Friday

How does one get access to the new app to trial?

Read the first post and click the link provided, submit the form and wait to be added.

It gets installed via “TestFlight” Apple’s beta app management / distribution tool once your apple is added to their group.

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Finished my ride yesterday, but ride wouldn’t sync to Strava or Garmin Connect. When I log in on the normal app on my work phone, it doesn’t show the ride as completed. But on the test app it shows the ride as completed.

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It would be great to have the recovery ride option like it is in the website

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Two things I noted today. One isn’t a bug as such.

Think this is similar to what others are experiencing, but after completing a workout the calendar is showing two entries and one looks funky. See below.

This might seem simple, but in the current TR app during a calibration / spin down the speed circle changes color when you hit the required speed. In the Beta it stays red the whole time. I like the visual queue of the color change. It is a little harder to see when to stop in the Beta version.


Had a problem today with the ramp test. Using Assioma Duo and Saris H3 with power match. My power was showing pretty much double what was being put out. I calibrated my pedals before starting. Switched back and forth between new power match, legacy, erg and standard mode. Even did a spin down on the H3 to see if that would help. Nada. This was my first time using the beta app too. :man_facepalming:t2:Shoulda tested it out first.


Everyone who requested access should have it as of this afternoon! If you requested and still aren’t seeing anything, please check your Test Flight app again and you should see it. If you still don’t see anything, please shoot me a message and I’ll get everything sorted.

Thanks again for all the feedback! We have a bunch of fixes and finishing touches that are looking awesome and solve some of the issues we have seen so far. Please keep riding and reporting, every single one helps us get closer to launching :raised_hands:

@jgoodban I’m sorry to hear about your ramp test, we’re investigating the problem with Assiomas as we speak. :+1:


OK, another update - pretty sure the HRM issue is a device thing, not an app thing. On Sunday I did a group workout w/ Nate on my laptop and the HRM started acting up again (along with CPU when video was on but that’s a different story). On Tuesday I messed with the battery and the first part of the workout went well but then it got laggy towards the end.

Eclipse (1:30) scheduled for today - I removed the battery again, and then tweaked the side connection prong to try to get a better fit, and tightened the strap. I think that’ll do the trick, will let you know how it goes.

DuoTrap Cadence, Kickr Power reporting well (aside from power drops when flywheel is still spinning on cadence change), ERG mode responsive.

Only real “issue” I see is the calendar UI needs a better refresh.

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When you edit a workout and change the date, the app duplicates the workout to the new selected date. In other words, it copies the same workout to the new date chosen and keeps the training also scheduled for the original date so that there’s two of the same workout on two different dates - the original date and the new date.

Also, the dates are shown in US format, although that is not my time zone and I have selected metric.

Lastly, I connect with Strava and other apps, but this connection disappears, and I have to relink it. Maybe with the new updates getting rolled out, the links are lost?

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Today’s workout HRM was perfect - no drops. However, this workout I had to go back in and connect to my pm and trainer as the ride did not auto start when I started pedaling.

One visual/UI thing I do not know if has been mentioned. I use my iPhone in landscape almost exclusively. Couple of things that do not match with portrait mode:

  1. you cannot swipe to see stats/data - it is a pita to try to touch the little arrow. Please let us swipe there.
  2. maybe this is on purpose - but when looking at stats/data Coach Chads tips do not appear
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Joined Teams not appearing in the app.

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I was just thinking it would be fun if TR built a widget for ios14 now that they’re a thing. Kind of outside the scope of this beta but just thought I’d mention it, even if it is beyond last on the list of priorities!


@Pete Any idea when we will see a beta on a superior mobile ecosystem ?
I mean Android… :wink: :joy:


Edit: just realized the numbers following the backlash “/“ is what I have left to complete based on my plan. Great to see!!!


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Same problem here, also with DUO Ass Pedals (posted about it 10 days ago). I’ve been using just the trainer since and using the pedals as Cadence-Only to get around this. Sure it’ll be fixed soon!

Hey everyone! We just pushed a new version of the Beta out to everyone who has access! :raised_hands:

Here are a few quick updates:

  • We are still working on Calendar, both syncing and performance. We wanted to get our improvements out and not have everyone wait for the big stuff in the pipeline.

  • We are looking into a few more devices specific bugs (including Assiomas) and will try to get those out as quickly as possible.

Here are the release notes for this new version. There have been a ton of improvements and I think I addressed every one that someone specifically reported. If anything is still broken or seems to be better, please still let us know!

•	Intensity Factor is showing Incorrect Value or X.XX/Null - Fixed
•	Week Totals showing incorrect data - Fixed
•	Stages Bike not pairing correctly - Fixed
•	Past Completed rides not showing complete data - Fixed
•	Workout Goals and Description not showing correctly - Fixed
•	Edit Ride isn’t showing correctly in some workouts. - Fixed
•	Updated Workout Details including Variants - Implemented 
•	Updated Tacx Flow Device - Fixed
•	Scroll Bar showing in Settings - Fixed
•	Workout Player starts in the background while in devices - Fixed
•	Add Checkmark to calibration and keep device from sleeping - Fixed
•	Many more under the hood improvements

Is it still iPhone only or are you guys ready for us to test on the iPad as well with this release?