Early Access to iOS Beta: Updated TrainerRoad

I downloaded the iOS Beta app on my iPhone after Nate’s comment on recent podcast and it crashed 35 minutes into my first workout. I’ve never had a crash running TR on my iPhone in over two years before. I’ll try another workout with it tonight, but based on that one use case, not quite ready for prime time. FYI, I reported the bug to support.

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I did a ramp test yesterday and it failed to sync,
ios 14.4, done on the previous beta version of the app, couldn’t sync or re-sync with it, tried upgrading the ios beta app via test flight to build 91940, same behaviour. Is there a server issue or something I can do to get the ride up to the servers?

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I can’t say this enough, but as always thank you for the feedback. We’re actively working through our list of issues, and are still adding based on feedback. Please keep it coming!

This release has our new TrainNow feature. This is intended to be used by athletes not currently on a plan, or anyone who is looking to add some volume to their current plans on off-days. There will be more information coming out on this feature, but we wanted to get it out there for testing.

Here’s a quick rundown of what was in this latest release.

•	Added TrainNow, a new feature to suggest workouts based on your training history
•	Fixed a problem where the Today's Workout wasn't showing correctly. 	
•	Added KICKR DIRCON support
•	Correctly store end date of current training phase	
•	Fixed a problem where fresh installs show “0%”	
•	Fixed a problem where certain overlaps in Plan Builder caused errors
•	Fix Pedal to Play after recalibrating mid workout

Version 91945 loaded. Still have the problem where when I mark an “Other” workout as complete the slider moves back to not complete. When I return to the calendar there is an extra Other Workout which is shown as complete. The workout is set up to repeat weekly if that makes any difference. Rest is working very well for me.

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Hey @Pete great work with the beta. One thing I want to mention again is that adding notes to a completed workout on the iPhone is kinda a pain and very easy to lose entered in notes. The red save button in the lower right corner is very often hidden by the keyboard and the iOS keyboard can be a PITA to get rid of. I have lost notes a handful of time because I just backed out of the notes page and forget to hide the keyboard and hit save. I have sent in screenshots of this a few times through the Beta App feedback.

It would be great to move the save button up to the top right where you can see it while keyboard on iPhone is active OR have the text auto save. Maybe I am in the minority here but the current UI of that notes page is not user friendly for saving at all.



Thank you for the additional report - we have an open issue for this one and it should hopefully be resolved soon. :slight_smile:

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I have installed the latest Version, but i cant find something Like “train now” on the ipad Version…
Hope, its coming so on, this would May be a game Change for me

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It’s on the Workouts tab in iOS beta


Hi @Pete please excuse my ignorance to the iOS app developments, but will the new iphone app have the ability to add daily annotations to my calendar without needing to go via the web-based platform? I’d like to be able to add notes to my TR calendar on a daily basis on things like diet, mood, asthma info etc. Also it’d be great if you could move workouts around through the app. These may already be in the beta app already but I thought I’d add my wish list. Cheers for all you guys are doing.

Not sure what’s going on and whether this is already a known issue:

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Has anyone tried custom workouts on the iOS beta recently? There were several reports of crashes on Android and iOS with custom workouts, and I don’t recall seeing anything in the release notes about that being addressed.

Did geiger+2 with german titles.
Im now “rider of the century” :joy:
Maybe i should explain: thats a translation mistake. TR mentioned century rider.
You can not translate that Word by Word in German.
In German that means a rider, so fantastic, that he is Born Once in a century.

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I had a problem with a custom workout crashing at the same place on multiple trials. TR’s support team took a look and fixed it, and it now runs without a hitch. I ran one other custom workout without issue, and haven’t experienced any other crashes. BTW, TR support was super responsive and helpful.


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Did Ansel Adams +4 on the iPad app and didnt notice an option to extend cooldown. Wondering if it just glitched out on my end or if it was removed from the current build

I’ve just used the iOS beta for the first time.
No issues in terms of performance or UI - in fact it’s a very similar experience to the previous version - for my needs anyway.

One thing I did notice is that the power output seemed to update more often and less regularly than before. The power on the previous app seemed to update regularly every second or so. The output power updates for the beta seem to be much more often and not at set intervals. Not necessarily a problem, but mentioning in case this is not intended.

Another observation was that I seemed to be able to hold target power using powermatch a little tighter than previously. This is a little subjective, but seemed easier to hold target watts on a Pettit to within a +/-3w tolerance. This admittedly could just be me, but has the powermatch algo changed at all?

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Hi TR team,

Another issue to report.

Tonight’s workout was Pettit and I experienced problems with Erg (via bluetooth and Powermatch 2) from the first interval. Did engage on the first step, engaged a couple of minutes later but was rapidly dropped out again. Switched to Legacy and no problems until final interval when I experienced six rapid dropouts in the 12 minute interval…

I think if you tap the bottom right button you’ll see a power match option for new or legacy. Most (I think) believe the new algorithm is notably improved.

In the release notes for beta build 91953 I see:

Added Workout Profile, a full view of your training

Anyone know where/when in the app that appears?

Scheduled a plan. Clicking on Base 1 the app seems to crash (screen gets black and nothing happens)