Duplicate plans in calendar & shifting training dates in Samsung phone

I downloaded my first raining plan into the calendar in my Samsung Galaxy S6 phone. All well and good. Somehow, though, I’ve managed to duplicate it, i.e., I now have two of the same session showing for every training day for that plan’s duration. How do I eliminate one of the plans? Also, how do I shift a session from the default day, let’s say Thursday, to another day, say Friday? This would also have to be done on the Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Chances are that you added two plans.

Use this to select and delete one of them:

For deleting the plan, Chad is exactly right. Go ahead and follow that link to learn how to delete your duplicate plan.

As for shifting a ride from a Thursday to a Friday from mobile, first go to trainerroad.com from your phone’s browser. Then, naviigate to the Calendar and click on the workout in question. You can then change the Date from the screen that appears.


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Thank you Bryce & Chad. Issues rectfied.



@Bryce, thanks for following through. I totally missed the 2nd question. :smiley:

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