Dropping from mid-volume olympic to low-volume olympic

Hey guys and gals, I’m currently studying for the LSAT (wahoo!) and I was thinking of dropping to low-volume after I finish this build block in two weeks. What can I expect? Also should I continue doing build or start the specialty phase? I have no events coming up for a while.

Here is my story and experience…

I just finished my last year of pharmacy school and studied for and passed the NAPLEX. I was following the mid-volume sprint distance plan this year. The biggest advice I can give is don’t underestimate the amount of stress that study/test prep takes on you.

I think you are on the right track here. Drop down to a low volume plan, making it easier to follow the plan. I know when I wasn’t able to do all the workouts prescribed it stressed me out even more. It is better to hit the workouts in the low volume plan and then add more to it if you have the time/energy to do so rather than to stretch yourself too thin trying to follow the plan and study.

As far as which phase to follow, coach Chad has mentioned quite a few times that he doesn’t recommend doing back to back build phases. It may be slightly different as you are dropping from mid volume to low and don’t have any races on the docket.

What I would do, figure out which plan or phase you like/enjoy the most and gives you the most “mental break” from the stress of study. In other words, do what makes you the most happy.

hahaha just saw that this post was from October 2018, hope your test went well :slight_smile: