Drop to a shorter distance or just accept I won't be competitive this weekend?

Afternoon all, I’ve got a day left to ask go bail out on a 77 mile gravel race and do the 55 instead.

I’ve got 3 month old twins and while I’ve still been riding plenty (10-12 hrs) I’m just tired… I know I can FINISH a 77 mile ride but I won’t be very competitive. If I drop to the 55 mile race I feel like I can hammer a little more and stay with the 1st or 2nd group, but then I feel you kinda lose that sense of it being a real challenge.

I also don’t want to put myself in a month long hole either, though.

I’m torn.

It really depends on what you’re hoping to get out of it. Likely you weren’t going to be winning the thing to begin with so how much does it really matter if you’re +/- 20 places or whatever. If it were me I would party pace the longer route and enjoy the day.


I always have more fun on the shorter faster rides where itxs more about strategy than attrition. But ymmv. Congrats on the kiddos! I can barely handle my one kid and she’s 10. Doing anything 3 months out with twins? More power to you. Do whatever sounds fun. Then treat your SO.


There’s no shame in doing the shorter race if you’re feeling tired! Especially if you feel like you might be at risk of putting yourself in a hole.

I’d say pick whichever you think would be more fun. That’s ultimately the point of all this, isn’t it?

A 55-mile gravel race isn’t a walk in the park, either, so I’d say ignore that voice in your head telling you it isn’t a “real challenge.” In my opinion, a bike race of any length is a challenge – heck, velodrome races can be under a minute in length but they’re FULL GAS!! A race can be as challenging as you’re willing to make it. :wink:

Or, if the idea of going hard really isn’t appealing with how you’re feeling right now, you could always ride at party pace, like @Scott_M said. It can still be a fun time to get out on a beautiful course that probably has more traffic control than a normal training ride would have and you’d get to hang out with fellow bike enthusiasts. Not a bad way to spend your time!

The long and the short of it: do whatever sounds most fun to you. :slight_smile:


3 months old twins and riding 10-12h a week, wow. Your wife is still in recovery and needs you 200%, even more so with twins. I’d put your focus on your family life and do the shorter distance and take it easy.


90% of it is on TR at 430am before the kids wake up. Probably part of the reason I’m so tired lol.