Drop in performance Build Sustained Power Wk5

Hello, im new to the TR Training plan and have a question about performance drop on Build Wk5. Coming out of my recovery week I’ve had a couple of nights of cr$ppy sleep (-4hrs) along with 1hr fairly intense boxing session on Friday evening (which i always do), this has resulted in me switching around the Saturday and Sunday rides however still only managing 1:30 on the Sat (Junealu -1) and just 30mins of Palisade this evening… I also had to cut short Wed Stromolo +3 to 1hr…

Im assuming this could be due to mental tiredness and possibly also the boxing.

Im considering running the week again however switching the ramp test to Tunnabora.

Interested to know thoughts

It sounds like you need a rest week or at least a few days, not a repeat. Rest up, do some easy endurance rides and then jump back in.

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The rest day on Friday is an important part of the plan - especially medium volume.

In the past, when talking about incorporating weight training, they’ve suggested doing it on the same day as an endurance session so that you still have Monday and Friday for complete rest and recovery. But in your case you’re doing over-unders, intense boxing, suprathreshold, and muscular endurance on consecutive days.

As it sounds like moving your boxing session isn’t an option, I think your best plan would be simply to drop the Saturday ride and just do the Sunday one. Considering that this would still give you more cycling than Sustained Power Build low volume, I’m pretty sure you’ll still get fit (the boxing is probably giving you some great aerobic stimulus too). And you’ll have nice restful Saturdays.

Thanks for the advice both.

Martin would you suggest that I bolt an extra 30 mins onto the Sunday ride to make it the same duration as Saturday and if so should this be sweet spot or at a lower Stress?

Aren’t the Sunday rides already 120 minutes, i.e. 30 minutes longer than Saturdays? Unless I’m getting it wrong which plan you’re doing.

Sorry yes you’re right, I was thinking of switching the sessions so I do the O/U on Sunday instead of the sweetspots

Yes, I don’t think you need the over/unders to get faster, especially with the aerobic nature of boxing. The Low Volume plans just have the tempo session on the weekend.

:+1: thanks for your help