Download rides with target info


Is it possible to download the targets per interval for the rides I download? I want to better see when I start to drop of the target values and how consistent I ride.


Are you talking about TR workouts?

If so, you can see the target in the Ride review with the graph as well as the “Intervals” summary section.

You can zoom into specific spots on the ride to see them better as well.

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Hi Chad,

You are tooo good & super smooth!

I am more this kind of guy, if the intervals are too heavy I drop.

The summary (which I cannot download into csv either) gives me some indication whether I managed, so it is a start yes.

I wanna calculate when I start to drop from target. Either related to target as %FTP-duration, What is the impact of specific cadence, etc. So I wanna know what the size & target of an interval compared to my own powernumbers.

The background is that I have a feeling that above a certain %FTP (or possibly related to cadence), I drop faster than I think is normal. The other thing I am interested in is how steady ride in relationship to the previously mentioned variables. I want to try to validate those hypotheses.

BTW love TR!


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I am not aware of a way to directly download the targets. You may have to construct that from the data on the ride review page and add it manually, in your post analysis tool.

I am far from perfect in my intervals, but the ERG mode does a great job of holding power, as long as I am steady on the cadence. Here is one workout more like yours to show that I always get variation too.