D'oh! Did the workout from next week by mistake!

Hi All

I’m currently on week 2 of SSBLV II so today’s workout was meant to be Taylor -2.

However, despite it being scheduled for today in the calendar for some reason I clicked on Bluebell and did that workout instead. Think the app had was displaying following week and I just saw the VO2 max intervals and clicked away! I realised my error during the first interval but carried on as I had already done the warm up. I performed the workout with no issues and finished quite strongly. So, my question,…for next week should I do the workout I inadvertently missed (Taylor -2) or, as this has a lower TSS and IF, is there more benefit in repeating Bluebell or substituting a different workout?

Many thanks for the advice!

I would do Bluebell again

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Thanks Russell. Makes perfect sense. :+1: