Does when you "start" an outdoor workout matter for AT?

In a situation where you might ride for an hour at endurance pace to the foot of a climb and then do an outdoor TR workout, does it make any difference for AT if you do a normal outdoor ride (to take advantage of things like auto-pause at red lights) and then start the workout once at the climb vs starting the workout immediately and riding for a considerable amount in the phase of the workout before you press the lap button and start the “meat” of the workout?

Didn’t seem to make a difference when I did one the other day.

I do not think it currently matters. Outdoor workouts are in a gray area right now in terms of providing credit to your progression levels.

For what it’s worth, I’ve done outdoor workouts and paused them at crucial moments because I foresaw be being unable to do what it was asking of me (sprint starting before a stoplight for example) and unpaused when I could completed what was needed. Because I’m on Wahoo, however, I do not know how or if this will affect AT’s perception of the work.

Hoping the project Nate mentioned the team is working on (during the podcast before last) will be able to address it all without an issue, and if what he alluded to does get implemented, it will address your case as well.