Does TrainNow take breaks into account?

So for various reasons I haven’t been on the bike in a few weeks.

TrainNow seems to still want me to go right back to a climbing training session where I am pretty sure an endurance one would be best just to get back to it. It seems to have been stuck on climbing since I stopped riding.

Does it take into account longer breaks?


Same experience. I took off 9 days starting on May 22nd and ending May 30th. During that time TrainNow kept serving up climbing recommendations. My ** guess ** is that this is a coaching rule that has been incorporated into TrainNow.

Not that I’ve noticed either.
9 straight days off the bike for me too and no change to the recommended WO’s after endurance flips over to climbing. There’s a definite change in my PL’s though.

There’s quite a large variance in the WO levels if I hit refresh multiple times. Could you possibly pick one of the easier climbing WO’s and jump back in?
I just did one of the prescribed climbing WO’s and found it wasn’t too bad. My HR was a little high but my legs were fine.

Sure, I could just select endurance or a different climb ride. My question is more about how the feature works, and if it is doing the right thing and if so, why.

TrainNow will always recommend a ‘climbing’, ‘attacking’, and ‘endurance’ workout, and that doesn’t speak to the full scope of your progressions and fitness to work towards a goal in the way Plan Builder does. (Nor is it intended to).
The way in which TrainNow does account for your time off is seen in the way it will suggest workouts of differing durations, intensities, and subsequent levels that do reflect your prior workouts, or lack thereof. :+1:

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That bit’s still user selected right? If I choose a 1 hr vs a 2 hr ride will TN recommend a reduced intensity for the longer WO based on my individual profile?

Most likely? But it for sure depends upon what you’ve completed recently and where your levels are at.

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