Does that really have to be? Cookies on TR Login?

Hey, sorry, but this new Cookie thing on every login to TR is really annoying?

does that really have to be?

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(Mandatory to be transparent and without cookies it’s not possible to get a normal user experience)

This is some stupid EU regulation, the most stupid and annoying thing they though up. Some adblockers hide them…

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No, This only needs to be asked once , it does not need to be asked every time you visit the site

It could be that if you are clearing cookie when your browser closes,

The rules on cookies are in regulation 6. The basic rule is that you must:

tell people the cookies are there;
explain what the cookies are doing and why; and
get the person’s consent to store a cookie on their device.

As long as you do this the first time you set cookies, you do not have to repeat it every time the same person visits your website. However, bear in mind that devices may be used by different people. If there is likely to be more than one user, you may want to consider repeating this process at suitable intervals.

does it matter? As long as TR aren’t selling your data on to 3rd parties you don’t need to worry about it…TR already have your information anyways if you’re a subscriber.

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